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Everyone will definitely have the need to move from one location to another. And in most cases, you’ll probably need to get a taxi if you can’t afford a car and don’t want to use public transportation.

In times of urgency when you are late for an appointment or stuck in the middle of somewhere and u need a means of transport fast a solution is available here in Philippines through a company called Grab.


Grab is a ride booking service prevalent in Southeast Asia and provides the availability of taxi booking through the use of mobile applications. The Grab service employs the use of GPS and internet to bring drivers to customers looking for a ride conveniently and at minimum cost.

Grab offers a very efficient and safe way to move around in Manila and its environs. Grab has three unique offerings:


GrabTaxi: This is a readily available taxi hire service using conventional city cab like vehicles.

GrabCar: This service provides chaperone driver service with high class city cars. For those that want a professional car ride.

GrabExpress: This is a courier services that provides safe and fast delivery services for parcel and other goods.


How to use grab 

  1. You would need to download the Grab application to your phone from the Apple store for iPhone and on the Google play store for android devices.
  2. Then you launch the grab application and search for available drivers with your current position. (Location services should be enabled on your device).
  3. Fill in your name and other information
  4. If you have a coupon code you can enter it in the promo section in order to enjoy the discount.
  5. Once you submit your booking, nearby drivers will be notified of your booking in their own application and the nearest will appear on your screen.
  6. You can see information on the driver and other details on the panel if you accept the driver you will be picked up from your position.



Safety is a very important issue when it comes to passenger transport and Grab depends largely on the Global Positioning Service (GPS) so you can accurately infer that your location is known and can be traced. Grab drivers are carefully selected and a lot of background checks are carried out on them before they are recruited.

The cars are also inspected to ensure that that they are roadworthy and comfortable to ride in. you can be assured of a peaceful and pleasant ride with Grab.


You can save more money with Grab

One good thing about grab is the fact that their services are very affordable. One way they achieve this is through the use of promo codes.

Promo codes when entered in the grab mobile application give passengers reduced fares and discounts.

Save money when you use Grab by using the promo codes we have here on Promo Vouchers Asia. You search through our collection of coupons to find the best discount for you.

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